Embrace Your Brave in 30 Days

Real-Life Stories from Women Around the World That Inspire You to Live Boldly

  • From a ballerina in Cyprus embracing her harsh work environment with courage.

  • To the little girl in Africa overcoming everyday fears with personal style.

  • To the Italian mom standing up for her family's well-being.

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Real-Life Stories & Journaling Prompts

Each woman not only shares her courage story but also journaling prompts to ignite your own bravery.

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Reader Thoughts: Hilary

Imagine the possibilities if women around the world inspired you to take one small step of bravery every day.

Reader Thoughts: Carol

Gina Gallaun, Author

About the Author

Gina Gallaun is a Colorado-based entrepreneur and author originally from Germany. Taking the leap to relocate to Estonia in her early twenties to make her mark in Europe's leading startup hub, Gina became a pivotal player in creating "money without borders" at Wise. She was part of the core team that transformed the now world-renowned Estonian startup into a global multi-billion-dollar business. After a thrilling decade in Estonia, Gina embarked on a world trip that would ultimately guide her to plant roots and start a family on the other side of the world, in the scenic vistas of Colorado Springs.

Reader Thoughts: Bre

  • Allow the stories to inspire you.

  • Explore your personal vision of courage by journaling.

  • Live the life you always imagined.

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