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Real-Life Stories from Women Around the World That Inspire You to Live Boldly

  • From a ballerina in Cyprus embracing her harsh work environment with courage.

  • To the little girl in Africa overcoming everyday fears with personal style.

  • To the Italian mom standing up for her family's well-being.

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Real-Life Stories & Journaling Prompts

Feel inspired as you read courage stories from across the globe.

Build your confidence as you journal through the prompts these very women designed for you.

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Gina Gallaun, Author

About the Author

After a decade in Estonia, Gina Gallaun is now a Colorado-based entrepreneur and author. Originally from Germany, she took a leap of faith in her early twenties to relocate to Estonia. Initially planning to stay for just a two-year master's program, Gina fell in love with Eestimaa and decided to make it her home. She joined TransferWise as an early employee and became a key figure in the creation of 'money without borders' at Wise. After 10 thrilling years in Estonia, transforming a tiny startup into a global multi-billion-dollar business, she embarked on a world trip. It was a journey of interviewing women around the world for their courage stories that eventually led her to Colorado Springs, where she planted roots and started a family amidst the scenic vistas.

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  • Hilary

    As a mental health therapist, I highly recommend this book to anybody ready to lean into their courage and be their most authentic self.

  • Bre

    As a mother of five girls, I love that the stories are short enough that I can read them quickly and engaging enough that my girls love reading them with me.

  • Carol

    This book gave me just the nudge I needed for moving forward in life.

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