Connection & Courage for Mother's Day

Treat your mom and yourself to the gift of a deepened bond.

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What's the gift?

A World Trip Adventure

Immerse yourself in real-life stories from women across the globe that inspire bold living in every aspect of your lives.

Journaling Prompts

Reflect together on your dreams and desires with journaling prompts designed by women from around the world.

Meaningful Conversations

Spark heart-to-heart conversations with your mom and deepen your understanding with each other as you share what the journaling prompts brought to mind.

Mutual Support

Strengthen your bond by sharing areas where you seek more confidence. Together, brainstorm what courage means in these areas and define how you can support each other on your journeys.

Inspired Living

Each day you will take steps toward the life you desire. You will be supported by the love and encouragement of your mother-daughter bond.

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Designed for Mothers & Daughters

This journaling book offers a transformative 30-day experience to deepen your bond and create lasting memories.

Take a look inside.
  • From a ballerina in Cyprus embracing her harsh work environment with courage.

  • To the little girl in Africa overcoming everyday fears with personal style.

  • To the Italian mom courageously standing up for her family's well-being.

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  • Gina Gallaun is an entrepreneur, author, and kick-ass stepmom based in Colorado. Gina first started thinking about how to deepen the bond with her mother when she moved from her home country Germany to Estonia in her early twenties. Separated by over 1,000 miles, Gina realized the importance of intentional connection with her mom. She started exploring creative ways to bridge the distance. One cherished ritual emerged: reading real-life stories from women worldwide, together. Gina and her mom loved talking about what these stories might mean for their lives in Estonia and Germany. Through shared stories and thoughtful conversations, Gina and her mom found their relationship flourishing. Following a thrilling decade in Estonia, Gina embarked on a world trip, interviewing remarkable women featured in this book. This journey ultimately led her to put down roots and start a family in Colorado Springs. Despite the distance, Gina and her mom continue to bond over stories from women across the globe.

  • Hilary

    Mental health therapist

  • Bre

    Home-schooling mom of five girls

  • Carol

    Real-estate investor

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